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  • I am Uncle Winx.
  • SaluteMeImWinx

    (The scene is at the park. Kids playing, brawling, etc)

    Infinity: (walking in the park) (Sighs) I'm REALLY bored.

    Rainbow: (Pops out of Infinity's pocket) Hmmm.. What about we brawl some kids?

    Infinity: Heh. That'll be too easy!

    (Infinity sees a group a kids winning a brawl)

    Kids(That lost): Awwww... We lost..

    Kids(That won): AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! What about you guys come back when you actually have skills.

    Kids(That lost): You guys will be beat one day. ONE DAY!!! (They run off)

    Infinity: Hey, you guys wanna brawl?

    Kids: Hmmm.. You're Infinity, right?

    Infinity: ...Let's not get stupid here.

    Kids: Stupid? (They all laugh) We're not stupid, we are..(They strike poses)

    Rainbow: 100% LAMES!

    Kids: -_- No.

    Infinity: What about.. We shut up and brawl. I'll t…

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    Infinity: OK. Since the narrator died in the last one, I'll be doing this! Woohoo. And some commentary by the one and only.. Rainbow! So lets get started. Today, we will be doing the antagonist of the story. The villains. The Shadowians. The sly, intelligent, sneaky, diabolical, race. So. Let's get started. (The scene changes to a shadowy planet covered with deadly gases and shadows)

    Infinity: OK. Shadowia is a planet where Shadowians live. The planet itself is covered in deadly gases and shadows so enemies will have a difficult time attacking. The Shadowians are at war with my planet. They are winning because of their sly actions, intelligent brains, diabolical plans, etc. But, we manage to defend ourselves. Now, lets talk the six main ch…

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    Narrtor: (Scene is in a dark room) This is a prolouge of the story of a war between two planets. Electrixia and Shadowia. But first, we will focus on the protagonist: Electrixia. This planet is well-known for its advanced tech. Their hope for winning and protecting their planet lies in the hands of six 14 year old teenagers. In this first part, we will go over thier traits, lovings, hating, and their Bakugan partners.

    (Scene changes into a city area)

    Narrtor: OK. We will focus on the first teenager, Infinity. He is a disruptive, energetic, fun, and other things that fit under those categories. (Starts walking) He often causes trouble around town and gets chases by the cops. unfortunately, he is the prince of this WHOLE planet. He loves musi…

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