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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Class Project

    August 29, 2012 by Pyrusbrawler900

    The Hunt Ends

    "Ching chong wa!"


    Rainsford shook his head at the people they passed. "Is there anyone in here who speaks English?"

    Bob gave him a 'What the hell' look.

    "I meant besides you two."

    Bobby opened a door at a house. "Well, this is China. People here speak Chinese. CHOWNIMA, MAN!"

    They went into the house. It looked like any other, at least in China. There was no air conditioning, and for a moment Rainsford wished he was still in

    Zaroff's house. He had gotten a bit used to the convenience, even if he was there less than a day, and against his will. All that changed, however, when they opened a

    hatch on the bottom and went to the basement.

    Rainsford almost fell over. "CHOWNIMA--I mean..."

    Bobby pointed and laughed.…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Optimus and Megatron appeared on the higher parts of Mount Ihu, where they would not be disturbed. A barrier formed around them, as the other Phantoms and Aukati were teleported around them to bear witness. "What is this?"

    "You disappoint me, Optimus. By now you should know. Weren't you sounding all confident just a few minutes ago? Or was that just false bravado to motivate your troops?"

    "So be it. It's you and me now, Megatron."

    "No, it's just me, Prime!"

    "At the end of this shall stand..."

    "And one shall fall! I've heard it before! YOU, Optimus Prime!"

    Megatron stood perfectly still... And waited for his arch nemesis to make the first move. There was a short silence, a tension hanging in the air.

    "What's wrong, Optimus... Are you afr…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 10.

    December 19, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    Pyrus woke up at the sound of a noise.

    Pyrus: Something's in the basement.

    Drago: Let's check it out...

    Pyrus went downstairs, and saw a massive green Bakugan, with a metallic cloak full of weapons.

    Aerogan: What the..

    3D: Like it? Upgraded his tech. Ventus Trick Wolfox.

    Drago: better win, we TOLD you not to pull an all-nighter!

    Wolfox: Oh, don't worry. We will.

    They all went back to sleep.

    (scene changes)

    Magnus: I have finally finished upgrading ALL MY BODY PARTS!

    Sentinel woke up.

    Sentinel: SILENCE, FOOL!

    Necronoid: This had better improve your reputation, Magnus. We wouldn't want you to stay..a loser. (cocks gun)

    (scene changes, it's morning)

    Crimson: PYRUS!

    Pyrus rolled over in his bed.

    Pyrus: Seriously..morning already..mmf...(falls out of bed…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 9.

    December 16, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Pyrus woke up.

    Drago: It's time.

    Pyrus: Aerogan, check the outside.

    Aerogan: Why always me...(leaves)

    Necronoid fixed up his hand.

    Necronoid: This cannon should be good enough. (aims and blasts Sentinel through several walls) Perfect.

    Sentinel: YARR! (runs at Necronoid and slashes him) YOU DO NOT TEST YOUR WEAPONS ON ME!

    Necronoid threw Sentinel off.

    Necronoid: It will not happen again...(points gun) if you stop attacking ME!

    Sentinel: I...accept.

    Aerogan came back.

    Aerogan: The usual sh1t. The attack is starting soon.

    Pyrus: All right. DRAGONOID DESTROYER!

    Destroyer came out.

    Drago: (gets in Destroyer and puts Pyrus in cockpit too)

    Destroyer: All right. (BURSTS OUT OF WALL)

    A radio came in.


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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 8.

    December 9, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Necronoid: I do not trust Drago.

    Cadounus paced the room.

    Cadounus: They are planning something...but they will not fight the Brawlers if they aren't truly loyal. (neck spikes flap) Either way, this will be interesting.

    Sentinel: I think his Dragonoid calling has come to his mind. He is becoming wiser...soon he will discard his (spits) human.

    Necronoid: And how are you sure of the loyalty of any of them?

    Cadounus: Exactly. We should kill them now, while we still can.

    Sentinel: That is not necessary. We could kill them in an instant. Allow them until our attack. I will speak to him.

    Necronoid: Very well. But we keep Tony hidden!

    Cadounus: A compromise....perhaps. (neck spikes flap)

    Sentinel left the room. The door shut behind hi…

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